a vocal duo of new improvised music
A contemporary duo of intimacy and fragile sounds. Two voices who celebrate the freedom of stepping outside the usual tonal-rhythmical framework, musical gestures and compositions. Two voices who are inspired by jazz through contemporary poetry and new classical music till noise. Two voices who are interchangable and readily swap roles or transform themselves beyond recognition. Two voices who are in love with the unknown. stories unfold and improvised melodies twist their way through a hand-made soundscape. So direct and so personal what only the human voice could possibly create.

Mascha Corman and Thea Soti are two Cologne-based, free-improvising vocalists who have been working together since 2015. Their debut album was released by the Portuguese label "Creative Sources Recordings." In 2017, they presented their album in Italy (Montepulciano Improvisation Masterclasses), Denmark (Copenhagen Jazz Festival), Portugal and Germany. They regularly perform with guest artists, such as The Art Of Escapism (vocal duo from Denmark), Etienne Nillesen (drums), Carl-Ludwig Hübsch (tuba), Constantin Herzog (double-bass). In 2018, they created a programme with Canadian composer Mike McCormick for 2 voices and laptop.

In addition, they often participate in interdisciplinary performances discovering boundaries with dance, theater, video art or modern circus, e.g. with the contemporary composers Sergej Maingardt and Gerhard Stäbler. Mascha and Thea are important protagonists of the Cologne improvised music and jazz scene and initiate diverse creative projects, among others, the concert series STIMMUNGEN in Loft. They collaborated with artists such as Theo Bleckmann, Sidsel Endresen, Jen Shyu, Sofia Jernberg and Andreas Schaerer. Their next album will be released in 2019, focusing on new ways of text improvisation.
singer, composer, born in düsseldorf, studied jazz singing at the academy of music in cologne with prof. anette von eichel and frank gratkowski as well as deaf pedagogy at the university of cologne. corman's compositions and concepts for her quintet "emcq" range between contemporary jazz, free improvisation and poetry. a strong interest lies within the exploration of voice as an instrumental and experimental soundscape. the debut album of the band was released by the renowned label "ajazz" in 2016. as a composer, singer and vocal artist, she has already participated in several international interdisciplinary projects and is the founder of the initiative STIMMUNGEN in loft.

vocalist, composer and sound artist, born in subotica (serbia) to a hungarian family. she studied jazz vocals and composition in hanover, cologne and lucerne. her main focus is to research the human voice as a free-improvising instrument, often by reconstructing texts and languages. as a composer, she has cooperated with several bigbands and large ensembles. she is regarded as a courageous and uncompromising voice of the cologne music scene, combining experimental pop, contemporary music, avant-garde poetry and live electronics. she is a founding member of the european composers collective SUNG SOUND and the co-curator of the experimental concert series STIMMUNGEN in loft.

"…jittery but surprisingly warm, the music was all about moving air and chopping it into pieces…"
- New York City Jazz Record
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no noise festival, porto (P)
in situ art society, bonn (DE)
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), büro für akustisch, essen (DE)
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), creative lab, ON büro, cologne
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), onomato verein, düsseldorf
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), workshop, IMM, düsseldorf
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), loft, cologne (DE)
feat. mike mccormick (laptop), spektrum, berlin (DE)
LAB.DAYS festival, cologne (DE)
faktor, hamburg (DE)
w/ eberhard meisel (electric zyther), tonhalle, hannover (DE)
auftakt festival, studiobühne, cologne (DE)
auftakt festival workshop, cologne (DE)
auftakt festival workshop, cologne (DE)
w/jonas vollmer (drums), KHG, cologne (DE)
TIN Festival, düsseldorf (DE)
oslo residency, oslo (NO)
oslo residency, oslo (NO)

xmas special "zollstock edition" (DE)
xmas special "südstadt edition" (DE)
w/ BLUR, theatre orangerie, cologne (DE)
w/ BLUR, theatre orangerie, cologne (DE)
w/ BLUR, theatre orangerie, cologne (DE)
w/ BLUR, theatre orangerie, cologne (DE)
feat. TAOE+sue schlotte (cello), alte kirche, bonn (DE)
feat. TAOE, berger kirche, düsseldorf (DE)
dance & voice impro workshop, ZZT, cologne (DE)
feat. TAOE, loft, cologne (DE)
feat. TAOE workshop concert, ON büro, cologne (DE)
feat. TAOE + dancers, maschinenhaus, essen (DE)
casa bô, porto (PT)
ESMAE vocal impro workshop, porto (PT)
grémio caldense, caldas de rainha (PT)
bar irreal, lisboa, (PT)
ler devangar, lisboa (PT)
koncertkirken, copenhagen (DK)
kvartehuset, copenhagen (DK)
copenhagen jazz festival, copenhagen (DK)
cd-release concert, berger kirche, düsseldorf (DE)
cd-release concert, loft, cologne (DE)
w/ drei, innenhafen, dusiburg (DE)
w/ drei, ballhaus im nordpark, düsseldorf (DE)
w/ drei, ballhaus im nordpark, düsseldorf (DE)
palazzo ricci, montepulciano (IT)
feat. paulo alvares, palazzo ricci, montepulciano (IT)

Micro Improvisations 2019-1
Micro Improvisations 2019-2
Micro Improvisation 2018 Stairway -1
Micro Improvisation 2018 Stairway -2
Live in Lisbon (Bar Irreal)
Live in Hamburg (Faktor)
with Sofia Jernberg and Constantin Herzog
with Salim Javaid in LOFT, Cologne
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